Big problems require innovative solutions.

We believe the fact that
less than 3% of venture capital funds flow
to women and minority led companies constitutes a big problem.

We have worked with experts and innovators in the field to
develop a unique investment instrument, to tackle this.
Inspire DAF is a purpose-built DAF designed to unlock and
mobilize charitable dollars, previously only made available to
non-profits, to support and invest in for profit companies that
further the mission of the DAF.

The Inspire DAF invests in women and minorities, through
working capital loans, capacity building tools, (i.e.-accounting,
legal, tech support) at a time they would likely fail without it.
We target companies that have a strong product market fit and
are growing, are traditionally overlooked by equity investors
because they aren’t chasing sort term hyper growth.
Daintree is one such company, they have made over $1M in
loans in ‘20-‘21 alone, with a zero default rate.

How can individuals invest?

There are two ways. One is submit an outright grants to Inspire
DAF to build capacity to founders through for profit companies
that the DAF determines are providing not only working capital
loans, but targeted critical support to this historically
underfunded group of founders and their businesses.
The second, is to allocate part of the investment portfolio of
the DAF to invest in these companies, and have the money
returned back to the DAF, not unlike other investment vehicles
return the money invested, to then be distributed again by the


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